Have you ever heard of edible flowers ? Have you tried them or are they still a "taboo" for your palate? If you are from the second group and you feel curious in this post we will show you which species can be "chewed" and what kind of dishes are perfect.

The edible flowers in addition to having a distinctive and delicious touch to our dishes, can provide our body with many nutrients. For example, lavender is beneficial for our nervous system because it provides iron , calcium , carbohydrates and vitamin A and C .

If you have not tried them yet, this is the perfect time, take our advice and cook!

1  Violets.
Violets The violets will be responsible for giving a very fresh and colorful touch to your salads . You can add them together with a handful of canons, bean sprouts, cucumber and a delicious vinaigrette. They are also characterized by being a traditional remedy in the cure of respiratory diseases in syrups and infusions.

2  Roses.
The roses are some of the most beautiful and aromatic flowers which makes them the ideal ingredient for desserts and ice cream. The recipes that you can make are endless, from jams, biscuits, cakes and cookies to salads and sauces for meat. Let your imagination fly and try a new use of the most romantic flower par excellence.

Zucchini flower.

The zucchinni flower is not very common in our country but in Italy for example it is very usual to see it in different dishes. Its flavor is very soft in even something sweet. You can eat them alone or in different recipes like battered in flour, baked with salt and spices or stuffed with cheese . What good looks right?