Flowers are one of the decorative elements par excellence in every home. The reason is and has been on the one hand, its ability to give a warm touch to the room, and on the other (if they are natural) the good aroma that they give off.

Traditionally the way to place them was simply on a flat surface and inside a vase with water, but the truth is that there are a thousand original ways to decorate and create spaces with flowers.

Here we present 4 original and easy ideas to make your home look much prettier. You will only need some good flowers (natural or artificial) and some accessories.

Reuse bottles (water, wine, sauces...)  beautiful as vases. The result will be very original and you will also be recycling.

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2 Take advantage of wicker baskets or wooden boxes and create centerpieces rustic style that will give a very cozy touch. If you do not have them, do not worry because you can buy them for very little money. Do not forget to add a piece of sponge moistened on the bottom so that the natural flowers remain hydrated and last longer. If you prefer, add artificial flowers and you will not have to worry about anything else.

3  Take out your old ladder and give it a new use. If you have a medium-sized staircase, you can color pots or very small vases on your steps with your favorite plants and flowers. Another very useful option is to plant spices in the pots and so you can also use it in a decorative way in the kitchen. Double use!


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4  Create shelves to place flowers with only wooden boxes . You can remove the bottom of the box and use only the ends or leave it as is. This option gives a fresh and colorful touch to the wall and also embellishes the entire room or corner.

If you wish, you can paint the boxes in the colors that best fit the room or give them a touch of varnish. You will love the result.

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In short, the ideas to decorate your house or patio with flowers are practically endless. You will only need imagination and very little material to create incredible things. In addition all these proposals or those that you yourself design can be carried out both with natural and artificial flowers . Do not hesitate to take a look at our website where you will find all the material you need.

Let's do it!